Faith Committee Director: Peter Greco


The mission of the Faith Committee is to be the interface between our Church and our council, particularly the local parish and its pastor.

Some of the areas the Faith Committee accomplished this is by supporting: 

  • Annual Parish Picnic

  • Provide parking assistance for special events like Christmas eve Mass or other events that the pastor requests

  • Assist in the confirmation and First Communion ceremonies

  • Participate in the Rosary every month that has a fifth Sunday

  • Help Boy Scouts with the Religious Awards fulfillment requirements

  • Provide funds for the parish when there is a need determined by the council or the pastor

  • Support scholarship for council members to attend Catholic retreat events or support Catholic national events

  • Put up and take down the Creche every Christmas season

  • Put up crosses around the church property to say the rosary on Good Friday

  • Support the Good Friday Breakfast

  • Support a seminarian in pursuit of the priesthood