Council Informaation & Activities

Council Officers


Grand Knight                 Steve Weldon

Deputy Grand Knight    Martin Wusik

Chancellor                     Mike Cohen

Recorder                       Mike Cohen

Financial Secretary       Don Connor  

Treasurer                       Rich Drygas

Advocate                      Jim Rambadt

Warden                         Dave Muggeo

Inside Guard                Rich Godbout

Outside Guard             Ed Allen

3 year Trustee              Jim Landry

2 year Trustee             Tony Azzolino

1 year Trustee              Otis Shelton

Lecture                        Dave Muggeo

Chaplain                      Fr Nick

District Deputy             Vic Flagello


Program Directors


Faith Director               Peter Greco / Dan Joslin

Family Directors           Joe Simons / Joe Tremarzo

Community Director     Bill McDermott

Respect for Life           John Justiniano / Vinny Mancuso

Membership                Joe Simons



  • For description of each officer's duties click

  • For description of activites for the Service Directors click

Meeting Times & Place

Business Meeting              Second Thursday of the month

Social Meeting                    Fourth Thursday of the month


Meeting takes place at St Edward the Confessor  in the Parish hall and online (see menu for joining online meeting)